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    蘇菲的世界 Sophies W


    Lord of the Flies 蠅


    The Giver 記憶傳授人


    不平靜的墳墓 An Unqu



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    A Gallery of Childre

    ONCE upon a time there was a beautiful Princess, who loved all lovely things, an…


    Brother and Sister

    Brother and Sister is a children's story written by Josephine Lawrence, the auth…


    The Curlytops in the

    The Curlytops in the Woods Howard R Garis. Published by CupplesLeon Company, 192…


    The Christmas Reinde

    To the beautiful faith of childhood, the perpetuation of a charming fable, and t…


    A Sunny Little Lass

    A piece-of-pie shaped room, built to utilize a scant, triangular space between t…


    The Adventures of Bo

    A cheery whistle or a song Will help the daily work along.…



    經典科幻小說, 講述七個來自不同星球、擁有不同背景、為了不同目的的朝圣者,踏上前往光陰冢的朝圣之旅,尋求與各自生命有關的…

    Robur the Conqueror

    A competition between advocates of lighter-than-air aircraft (balloons) and advocates of heavier-than-air aircraft. It a…

    Five Thousand Miles

    地下五千年,又稱《The Mystery of the Centre of the Earth》。羅伊羅克伍德科幻小說代表作?!?/p>

    The Secret Tomb

    The Secret Tomb is the twelfth novel in the Arsene Lupin series of books. The French version was called 'Dorothe, Danseu…

    The City of Dreadful

    A Real Live City,The Reflections of a Savage,The Council of the Gods,On the Banks of the Hugli,With the Calcutta Police,…


    During the past year, in the intervals of an active life, I have amused myself with constructing this tale. It has been …

    Paganism Survi

    He who judges the first century by the nineteenth will fall into countless errors. He who thinks that the Christianity o…

    A Record of Bu

    A recording of the Chinese Buddhist monk's travels to bring Buddhist scriptures to India and Sri Lanka between 399 and 4…

    飛蛾之死 The D

    弗吉尼亞伍爾夫(virginia woolf, 1882-1941)是英國現代派小說的代表作家, 也是英國現代文學史上最重要的女作家之一。伍爾夫生活…

    Men Like Gods

    Men Like Gods is a 1922 novel written by H. G. Wells. It features a utopian parallel universe. The hero of the novel, Mr…

    The Varieties


    與神對話 Conve

    Conversations with God (CwG) is a sequence of books written by Neale Donald Walsch, written as a dialogue in which Walsc…


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